Fiorilla-Marilyn Monroe with perfect conviction

There are few comic roles in Helene’s repertoire, but Fiorilla from the Turco in Italia is one that masterfully enters this small group. The paper has many versions and variations and can be adapted for lighter or heavier voices depending on the musical conception.

Helene’s debut as Fiorilla was a public and critical success, with Jorge Coli writing about it in Concerto magazine, in addition to highlighting the soprano’s performance in Rossini’s opera, the author also praises the fact that she will be present in the next two operas of the Guarulhos Opera Festival:

“Tati Helene, entorno de quem o FOG parece ter organizado seu programa, já que ela é a protagonista das duas óperas que serão programadas para outubro e novembro, O Cônsul, de Menotti, e Rusalka, de Dvorak (e tanto melhor), encarnou com perfeita convicção uma Fiorilla-Marilyn Monroe, com um vestido vermelho sexy e uma peruca loira. Venceu bravamente as dificuldades da sua parte com desenvoltura e segurança.” (Jorge Coli para Revista Concerto)

[“Tati Helene, around whom FOG seems to have organized its program, since she is the protagonist of the two operas that will be scheduled for October and November, O Consul, by Menotti, and Rusalka, by Dvorak (and so much the better), embodied with perfect conviction a Fiorilla-Marilyn Monroe, in a sexy red dress and a blonde wig. She bravely overcame the difficulties on her part with aplomb and confidence.” (Jorge Coli for Concerto Magazine) ]

If you didn’t see it yet, enjoy the online recording of the live stream, is still on youtube:

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