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Fiorilla-Marilyn Monroe with perfect conviction

Fiorilla-Marilyn Monroe with perfect conviction There are few comic roles in Helene’s repertoire, but Fiorilla from the Turco in Italia is one that masterfully enters this small group. The paper has many versions and variations and can be adapted for lighter or heavier voices depending on the musical conception. Helene’s debut as Fiorilla was a public and critical success, with Jorge Coli writing about it in Concerto magazine, in addition to highlighting the soprano’s performance in Rossini’s opera, the author […]

Raised bar (leonardo Marques Review)

With talented and audacius repertoire, soprano Tati Helene enchants Sala Cecília Meireles. In pole vaulting competitions, athletes need to use the poles to jump over the bar without knocking it down. The bar is placed at a predetermined height by the judges, according to the rules and level of the competition. Each round, the bar is raised a little higher, increasing the level of difficulty, until a single athlete wins the competition. There is also a curious and interesting expedient. […]

Helene is one of the best of 2017

  Helene is one of the best of 2017 The site movimento.com is one of the main vehicles of specialized opera reviews from Brazil. Today was published all the retrospective of the opera in the country in 2017 with the right to nominations of the best of the year. Helene was named as one of the best brazilian lyrical singers for her dazzling performance in the Sala Cecília Meireles as Elle in the opera La voix humaine. The audience realized […]

A Beautiful and Undervalued Human Voice

A Beautiful and Undervalued Human Voice “Soprano Tati Helene gives a star interpretation at the Sala; Continuing with its excellent programming, the Sala Cecilia Meireles presented this Saturday, September 2, the opera in one act La Voix Humaine (The Human Voice), by Francis Poulenc, on the libretto by Jean Cocteau, based on the play homonym of the librettist. Released in Paris on February 6, 1859, this opera-monologue presents a woman abandoned by her lover and who, on the telephone, tries […]

Critics melt down by Helene’s La Voix Humaine

Critics melt down by Helene’s La Voix Humaine On May and June of this year Helene was on season at Club Noir performing Poulenc’s La Voix Humaine. The production was an opera refitting made last year at Adamastor Theater in Guarulhos. The press extensively covered this opera, that was the first one to be produced at Club Noir. Critics were delighted with Helene’s Elle and praised highly as relevant names of the lyrical world did in past October. Read the reviews: […]

Reviews from La voix Humaine in Guarulhos

Reviews from La voix Humaine in Guarulhos Several artists were honor Helene in her debut as Elle and expressed their opinions on the Internet: “Foi realmente emocionante ver e ouvir a sua arte. Obrigado ! Brava !” Sebastião Teixeira (singer) “Lindíssimo espetáculo! Artistas, orquestra, concepção geral, tudo muito bonito e bem feito! Adorei!” Juliana Christmann (conductor and singer) “Direção cênica maravilhosa, orquestra linda numa sincronia perfeita, a delicadeza que Tati Helene imprimiu na voz com riqueza de harmônicos, a beleza […]