Jump in at World Premiere from Martinelli's O Peru de Natal

With two weeks to go before the opera opens, Helene embarks on the adventure of learning the character Maria Luisa for the world premiere of Leonardo Martinelli's opera, Peru de Natal.

The premiere took place on December 13 at Theatro São Pedro and the specialized critic highlighted the performance of the soprano:

"Tati Helene created a delicate portrait of the Mother." João Luiz Sampaio (Scherzo)

“Invited artist of the production, the experienced soprano Tati Helene brought her mother Maria Luísa to life with great presence and extensive interpretive resources. Two arias of hers, No, Tidinha, no and Only her father is missing, were approached with great expressiveness and impeccable emission. ” Leonardo Marques (Movimento.com)

“Tati Helene (invited soloist, who does not belong to the Academy) lent all of her experience to the role of Maria Luísa, coloring with different shades No, Tidinha, her character's first (and very difficult) aria.” Irineu Franco Perpétuo  (Concerto)

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