Medee_Tati_Helene_1Tati Helene received a standing ovation on her Médée’s surprise debut at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro

Armed with solid vocal technique and scenic skills, the soprano Tati Helene has played major roles in dramatic repertoire such as ” Salome ” in Brazil and Switzerland , and ” Senta” from R. Wagner’s  “Der fliegende Holländer”. In December 2013 , the opera singer accepted the invitation from the OSB Foundation to interpret Médée , from Luigi Cherubini , at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro, a few days after finishing the performances of Falstaff , in which she played Alice Ford at Theatro São Pedro in São Paulo , under the direction of the accailmed italian stage director Stefano Vizioli . “Working with a soprano like Tati Helene is a great fortune to a Stage Director: her scenic intelligence and creativity, along with her extraordinary musicality turn her into a gift for directors , conductors and colleagues” said Vizioli .

The Médée debut happened the same day Tati received the invitation, which made it become an even greater challenge in the soprano’s career, who replaced nobody less than Eliane Coelho in this great role. “It’s a role considered very difficult and associated to very competent singers. It requires a lot of stamina, singing technique and dramatic intensity. I was very happy with the invitation and had confidence in my work, “says Helene. The opera from Luigi Cherubini has libretto by François Benoit Hoffmann, based on the Greek tragedy of a mother who kills her own children to avenge the betrayal of her husband Jason.  Even without any rehearsal, Tati was acclaimed by the audience and the critics. The soprano played Médée in the solo moments of the  character and shared the role with Mainhard Veruschka, who gave life to the character on the ensembles. In a review published by Leonardo Marques at Site Movimento.com the singer stands out by her talent: “Helene sang very well her first act aria, Vous voyez of you infortunée la mère fils. For the effort and courage, after all, we are talking about a role immortalized by Maria Callas, the two deserve applauses. “Check out the audio of the aria which refers Marques , recorded by a fan during the presentation of Tati .


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