Interview for Theatro São Pedro

Next weekend Tati Helene will be the soloist of the Blocks concert at Theatro São Pedro, a concert with a different and original repertoire conducted by maestro Ricardo Bologna, which brings compositions little played on stage, creating an atmosphere of experimentation among the musicians and a lot of discovered in the audience.
As publicity for the concert, the soprano granted an interview to the theater’s press office, check it out below:

“What would you like to know about the routine of an opera singer?
Today who came to talk to us was the soprano Tati Helene, who performs this weekend at #NossoTheatro with the concert Blocks, alongside the Orquestra do Theatro São Pedro. Ricardo Bologna will be conducting and the presentations will be on the 14th and 15th, Saturday, at 20:00h, and Sunday, at 17:00h.
Tati Helene believes that the main point of union between the pieces of the show is the experience of the new, the rare, the unusual, the out of the ordinary.
“Like those meals served with several plates that fill the table, where the fun is to taste them all”, she highlights. For the singer, the first step when preparing for a new concert is to discover the works.
She then moves on to more technical musical studies, focusing on rhythm, melody, form and text. “And finally, my favorite part, which is the appropriation of the music, when the technical part has already been overcome and the interpretation begins to dominate, in a fusion of what the score brings me with my internal expression”, she says.
Tati comments that being a lyrical singer is being an athlete of the voice and, therefore, daily care is equivalent to that of an elite athlete. This includes a controlled diet, training/rest schedule and physical activity.
“As an Olympic competitor, these precautions are equivalent to the demands of the repertoire that I will present, preparing and preserving the body for what it will need to perform on stage”, says the artist.
The soprano started singing at the age of four, when she already said that she wanted to sing opera. “What really took a while was for me to understand that making a living from music was a profession, because at the beginning I was told that it was not a profession”. Today, with a solid career, she moves through different spaces, but always within the lyrical sing.
Want to follow the presentation closely? Tickets are available at our digital box office.”

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