Cultura’s Radio interview Helene about Falstaff’s premiere

Falstaff_tatiHelene_18The reporter Cirley Ribeiro followed the last rehearsal before the premiere of the opera. Based on two plays of William Shakespeare, The Wives of Windsor and Henry IV, the funny Falstaff is Verdi’s last composition and his only comedy that joined repertoire. Falstaff tells the story of a decaying English nobleman, who put into practice the plan of conquering two beautiful and rich married ladies. The soprano Tati Helene and mezzo-soprano Mere Oliveira give life to these two ladies, the Merry Wives, and the reporter took the opportunity to interview them as she was to the theater. Listen to the audio of the full report. TV Cultura also covered the last rehearsal of the opera. A production has musical direction of artistic director of the house, Emiliano Patarra and scenic direction of Italian Stefano Vizioli is a must-see programs of this season.*

*Translated by Google Translator. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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