Duo Kitoks at Virada Cultural

On the last 24th of May, the Kitoks Duo made his debut at the Virada Cultural in Jundiaí. Duo Kitoks is formed by Tati Helene (soprano) and Daniel Motta (guitar). Both musicians graduated themselves on the FAAM College, where they met over 10 years ago and also played together for the first time. After concluding the course, Helene went to specialize in Italy and Daniel in Spain, and finally this year the two met in Brazil to give life to the Duo Kitoks. Kitoks is a word that means “different” in Lithuanian and was chosen for its sound and meaning, symbolizing the desire of the Duo to go beyond the ordinary. In this first concert they assembled a repertoire comprised solely of songs by Brazilian composers:  Osvaldo Lacerda , Marlos Nobre, Villa-Lobos, Villani-Cortes, Guerra-Peixe and Claudio Santoro.

In Jundiaí, the receptivity by the audience to a classical repertoire in the Virada Cultural, a more popular event, was amazing. Many heard the music while walking in front of the Pinacoteca, where the concert was being held, and came in search of that beautiful music.

The press extensively covered the events. The Duo appeared on the Portal of Jundiaí (Read here) and on the TV Rede Paulista, who interviewed the two artists (See here – begin on minute 9’30”).

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